I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Author: Erika L. Sánchez

Description: I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter is about a Latina teen girl dealing with familial expectations, grief, and becoming herself.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #mexican #femaleprotagonist #contemporary #grief

Citation: Sánchez, E.L. (2017). I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. Knopf Books for Young Readers.

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Labyrinth Lost

Labyrinth Lost

Author: Zoraida Córdova

Description: Labyrinth Lost is a fantasy novel set in contemporary Brooklyn and the fantasy underworld of Los Lagos. The story follows a bisexual Latina girl who is from a family of brujas/witches. She doesn’t want her power and when she tries to banish it, she accidentally sends her family to the underworld and only she can save them.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #magic #fantasy #LGBTQIA #bisexual #femaleprotagonist

Citation: Córdova, Z. (2016).Labyrinth Lost. Sourcebooks Fire.

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Mexican WhiteBoy

Mexican Whiteboy

Author: Matt de la Peña

Description: Mexican Whiteboy is a contemporary novel about a biracial Latino and white teen growing up in San Diego. He attends a private school where everyone assumes they know who he really is. Everyone is shocked when they find out that he does not speak Spanish. He is convinced that his half-whiteness is why his father left his family and moved back to Mexico. This book is about finding your own identity, friendship, acceptance, and there is a little bit of baseball thrown in.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #contemporary #maleprotagonist #sports #baseball #mexican #biracial

Citation: de la Peña, M. (2008). Mexican Whiteboy. Delacorte Press.

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Author: Daniel José Older

Description: Shadowshaper is a story about art, legacy, and magic in an Afro-Latina girl’s life. The story follows her as she learns about a magic within her community that gives her the ability to be able to bind the souls of the dead to her art.

Includes: #latinx #afrolatinx #femaleprotagonist #magic #fantasy

Citation: Older, D.J. (2015). Shadowshaper. Arthur A. Levine Books.

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Summer of the Mariposas

Summer of the Mariposas

Author: Guadalupe Garcia McCall

Description: Summer of the Mariposas tells the story of four sisters as they are on an odyssey back to Mexico and includes both adventure and the supernatural. The story is a retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #femaleprotagonist #magic #fantasy #magicalrealism

Citation: Garcia McCall, G. (2012). Summer of the Mariposas. Tu Books.

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The Education of Margot Sanchez

The Education of Margot Sánchez

Author: Lilliam Rivera

Description: The Education of Margot Sánchez is a coming of age story that addresses issues of gentrification and feelings of belonging in the South Bronx.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #femaleprotagonist #gentrification #contemporary

Citation: Rivera, L. (2017). The Education of Margot Sánchez. Simon & Schuster.

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The Inexplicable Logic of my Life

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life

Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Description: The Inexplicable Logic of My Life is a novel about a Mexican American teen who has grown up with his adoptive gay father in a Mexican American family. This story follows him as he and his best friend dig into their own histories and deal with grief and loss.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #mexican #LGBTQIA #gay #contemporary #maleprotagonist

Citation: Sáenz, B. A. (2017). The Inexplicable Logic of My Life. Clarion Books.

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The Poet X

The Poet X

Author: Elizabeth Acevedo

Description: The Poet X is a verse novel about an Afro-Latina girl growing up in Brooklyn as she questions her faith, struggles with her family, and learns how to share her voice as a poet.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #afrolatinx #dominican #versenovel #contemporary #femaleprotagonist

Citation: Acevedo, E. (2018). The Poet X. New York: Harperteen.

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Undead Girl Gang

Undead Girl Gang

Author: Lily Anderson

Description: Undead Girl Gang is a story about a Latina teen who does amatur witchcraft with her best friend. When her best friend and two other girls die in a suspicious way and everyone believes that they were involved in a suicide pact, she decides to use magic to bring them back to life to solve the mystery.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #horror #comedy #zombies #femaleprotagonist

Citation: Anderson, L. (2018). Undead Girl Gang. Razorbill.

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What If It's Us

What If It’s Us

Author: Adam Silvera & Becky Albertalli

Description: What If It’s Us is a contemporary love story told through alternating perspectives. It follows two teens, one who is Latinx and one who is white, as they spend a summer falling in love.

Includes: #ownvoices #latinx #LGBTQIA #gay #maleprotagonist #contemporary #interraciallove

Citation: Silvera, A. & Albertalli, B. (2018). What If It’s Us. HarperTeen.

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