How To Use This Tool

Everybody Books was built as a tool to help educators, school librarians, parents, and teens in their search for diverse young adult books. The books compiled within this tool were chosen not only to fit within the ten identity categories, but also to represent a sampling of the full spectrum within each of those identities. This means that there are books from different genres, different protagonist viewpoints, and with intersecting identities that might overlap between two or more of the identity categories. This is not meant to be the definitive tool in the search for diverse young adult books. It is meant, rather, as a starting off point.

There are three main features within Everybody Books. These features are the Identity Book Lists, Website Resources, and Academic Resources.


Identity book lists

There are 10 identity categories within the Everybody Books tool. The identity categories are African American & Black, Asian American & Pacific Islander, Disability & Mental Health, Latinx, Muslim, Native American & Indigenous, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender & Non-Binary. Within each identity category there are 10 books listed. Each book has a short description of how it is connected to the identity category as well as a list of other topics included within the book. If the book is listed as #ownvoices, that means that it is a book by and about members of the identity it is representing.


Website resources

Because the goal of the Everybody Books tool is to act as a jumping off point in the search for diverse young adult and own voices books, we want to help you find other identity-specific resources to direct your search for diverse young adult books. This is why we have links to two websites for each of the identity categories touched on within the Everybody Books tool. We also want to make sure that you have access to additional resources for diverse young adult literature such as nonprofits, publishers, and other great folks who are making moves within the diverse books world.


academic resources

If you are in search of evidence to prove why it is important for schools and libraries to have access to diverse books, you should check out our Academic Resources section! Students need to feel both seen and heard in their classrooms and schools so that they understand that they are valued and important. Within this section of the Everybody Books tool, we give you citations and links to great books, articles, and empirical studies so that you can learn more about how representation matters and how access to diverse young adult books in schools and libraries is an educational equity issue.


Additional Features:


Everybody Books also has an Instagram account! You can find a live feed of this account within the home page of this tool. You can also find Instagram icons at the bottom of each page. If you click on any of the photos within the live feed or on the icon itself, you will be taken directly to our Instagram account! Our handle is: @everybody.books and we hope that you’ll follow us so that you can hear even more about diverse young adult books!

Submit book reviews:

We hope to share everybody’s voices. This is why we would love for you to submit a diverse young adult book review! It can be found by clicking the “Submit Review” button under the “Contact” category on the top menu bar.


Starting in summer 2019, our blog will be up and running! Here you will find posts with suggestions for intersectional books on specific topics, the submitted reviews from teens and teachers, and other discussions about diverse young adult literature and own voices books!

Contact Page:

If you have questions or comments for us about diverse young adult books or own voices stories, or about anything else relating to this topic, please reach out to us through the Contacts page. We will get back to you as soon as we are able!


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